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This walk: 2007-11-22 - Scout Hut - Eylesbarrow - tin mine - workings - unidentified object from a previous walk (which is noted below) - cist


Boundary stone beside the track marked "BWW 1917" (Burrator Water Works 1917), indicating the edge of the catchment area for Burrator Reservoir


This is the "small building" noted on a walk on 29 October 2007, that I marked on the track by recording two diversions towards the object on the GPS track. On that occasion, I had cut short a long-ish walk looking at cists and did not feel like walking across country to see what this was. I noted "Just for fun, the position drawn above is SX 59385 67853".

In reality, it was 'GPS-fixed' today as being at SX 59395 67869 4m. This is only 10 m out in one direction (east-west) and 16 m out in the other (north-south) 4 meters.  Not bad for remote 'fixing' by deviations in the GPS track from the previous walk?


Another view, with Sheeps Tor (369 m / 1210 ft) to the right, behind


Another view, with Sharpitor (405 m / 1328 ft, on the skyline) and Leather Tor (376 m / 1233 ft) behind


Final view, showing the possible 'run' of a dried up leat running into the distance


Eylesbarrow tin mine (disused) at about SX 59800 68180


Fenced-off pit/shaft, further on, past the old buildings


Rain sets in at the top of Eylesbarrow (454 m / 1489 ft). View from first cairn to second cairn. There is a trig. point (triangulation pillar) between them.


Part of one of the cairns on the top of Eylesbarrow (454 m / 1849 ft)


Another pit


View along the track towards Nun's Cross and Whiteworks


More pits along the track above the disused buildings


Looking up the valley of Langcombe Brook


Looking back down towards the Scout Hut, showing the double row of stone supports that were used to transmit power further down/up the track


Closer view, the stones are notched on the top flat surface


Cist at SX 59229 67482


View of the cist looking towards north towards other ruined buildings seen on 29 October 2007


A closer view of the cist


The cist with Hen Tor behind at 2.1 km / 1.3 miles




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