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This walk: 2007-12-14 - Fernworthy Forest, stone row and circle, cairn, cist, Teignhead Farm, bridges, tinner's hut, Grey Wethers stone circle and nearby pound.

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Stone row leading to Fernworthy stone circle, at SX 65485 84126. The stumps of old trees are a little misleading in the photograph but at least the circle is clear of the trees that once crowded the scene.


The circle.


A closer view of part of the circle.


The nearby cairn, 75 meters away in an ESE direction from the circle.


The remains of what appears to be a cist, to the right of the row in the first photo.



A very diminutive stone row (?) leading to the possible cist. The stones are almost buried in the ground today and indicated above by the yellow arrows (I must find out the source of information to do with the marker posts).


View from the gate (SX 64115 84321) at the forest edge looking towards the ruins of Teignhead Farm. Note the old field walls and how they are clear on the map, next image below .....


Map of Teignhead Farm - the preceding photo was taken from the gate marked by the blue arrow on the map


View to the right (northwards) from the gate, along the North Teign River valley with Rippator (or Rival Tor) at 421 m / 1381 ft, in the distance.


View to the left from the gate, showing Sittaford Tor, at 538 m / 1765 ft.


Footbridge to Teignhead Farm at 63935 84491, along the style of a clapper bridge but with three stones abreast between the piers. This bridge is mentioned in Wikipedia.


View back towards the bridge with the forest behind. The rain run-off from the path to the farm is seen running into the river at the left.


The first of the farm ruins encountered.


Another small footbridge among the farm ruins, again three stones abreast (see next photo) .....


Another view of the small bridge.


A walled drive-way, of sorts, leading to the main farm buildings.


A water trough? There are other troughs nearby constructed from concrete blocks - nowhere near so attractive!


Perhaps the main former living quarters?


Detail from previous photo.


Tinner's hut at SX 62755 84231, see next photo.


Detail of the tinner's hut.


Composite photo of The Grey Wethers restored double stone circle at SX 63880 83140, looking towards Fernworthy Forest and White Ridge.


A View of The Grey Wethers from the south, along the bridle path.


Pound at SX 64015 82888, marked by yellow arrows (but not in reality!). This was a little difficult to find and I walked on the edge of it and well beyond, as indicated on the red GPS track of the walk shown on the map at the bottom of the main page.


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