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This walk: 2010-10-7. Ivybridge railway viaduct, Erme Wood, River Erme, St Petroc's Church-Harford, Hangershell Rock, Sharp Tor, Brent Hill, Eastern White Barrow, cairns, Butterdon Hill, trig. point, stone row, Black Pool, boundary stones, Western Beacon, Ugborough/Harford parish boundary stone, quarry, Two Moors Way.

Walk details below - Information about the route etc.


Looking up at the railway viaduct on the edge of Ivybridge, close to Station Road .....


As previous photograph.


The large footpath from the road into Erme Wood.


The River Erme was running in quite a torrent .....


Another river scene .....


As previous photo.

Dartmoor CAM movie

A short movie of the fast-flowing River Erme - the effect is quite enthralling if you can set your media player to play continuuously .....



Click the photo to download

File size: 2 MB.
Time to download: e.g. 13 secs
Length 8 secs


As previous photo.


As previous photo, with an old oak tree.


As previous photo.


Dartmoor CAM movie

To show how wet the area was, here is a short movie showing a spring upwelling somewhere near the edge of the woods.



Click the photo to download

File size: 2 MB.
Time to download: e.g. 13 secs
Length 7 secs


A striking appearance, a very dead tree.



A raised footpath to a flooded gateway.


A tree incorporated into a hedge!


A view from the narrow Harford road bridge .


The eye-catching gate to St. Petroc's Church., Harford.


A view of the distant Hangershell Rock at SX 6549 5935.


Hangershell Rock.


Looking at the cairns on Butterdon Hill from Hangershell Rock.


Hangershell Rock, eastern aspect.


Cairn at SX 65655 59415, just above Hangershell Rock.


Looking across the cavity of the cairn to Sharp Tor, above Piles Copse.


From the cairn to Brent Hill.


From the cairn to Ugborough Beacon aka Eastern Beacon.


Looking to the "Dartmoor Submarine", Eastern White Barrow, 5.83 km (3.62 miles) distant at SX 665 651.


Looking along the stone row to Butterdon Hill.


Approaching the top of Butterdon Hill .....


Butterdon hill with one of the cairns and the trig. point.


Looking back at a cairn with the sun shining on it.


Black Pool with Western Beacon behind.


Boundary stone.


Boundary stones running down to Black Pool and up to Western Beacon.


As previous photo.


Black Pool .....

Ditto - looking towards Cornwall.


One of the cairns on Western Beacon



Parish boundary stone - U signifies Ugborough .....


H signifies Harford.


One of the Western Beacon cairns has a central pile, like the "Dartmoor Submarine" of other walks.


Another view .....


Another cairn.


The remains of a quarry near the top of Western Beacon.



Looking back at the quarry.


The gate off the moor, on the Two Moors Way .....


Coast to Coast footpath.


Looking up the River Erme from the small bridge in Ivybridge .....


..... and looking down the river.



Walk details

MAP: Blue = planned route, Red = GPS satellite track of the walk.

The blue lines are the compass or GPS bearings. The red line is the route actually walked: it deviates sometimes from the blue lines to avoid obstacles such as thick bracken, gorse, bogs or clitter, and often to use paths or animal tracks that are not on the map. It may also be shorter than the planned (blue) route if the walk is curtailed for some reason.

Ordnance Survey © Crown copyright 2005. All rights reserved. Licence number 100047373.
Also, Copyright © 2005, Memory-Map Europe, with permission.


This walk was accessed by parking in Stataion Road, Ivybridge, just below the railway viaduct.


Distance - 12.3 km / 7.6 miles



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