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This walk: 2010-5-2. High House Waste, Dog violet, lichens, mosses, clapper bridge, dry leat, Dendles Waste, hut circles, enclosures, fungi, grasses, tormentil, bronze age sofa (!), bluebells, Dor beetle, marsh violet, sundew.

Walk details below - Information about the route etc.


Common Dog Violet - Viola palustris ..... (pale petals, stripes not on white background contrasting with the lower part of the lip, upper petals bent back...., leaves  rounded rather than with a point).


..... white variant ......


Dog Violet leaves.


Lichen - believed Cladonia arbuscula or C. portentosa.


As previous photo, growing with an unidentified moss, on the stone wall at the north-east corner of High House Waste.


Unidentified moss (of many colours) and a grey crustose lichen.


Clapper bridge over the dry leat at SX 60658 62973.


Looking at the irregular wall at the north edge of High House Waste and across to Dendles Waste. The wall is built on an old reave.


Looking over the north wall to the extensive tin workings going up Broadall Lake.


Detail of the wall of a roundhouse (hut circle), showing it to be of the double-orthostat type i.e. two circles of large stones infilled with smaller stones and rubble .....


A view of hut circles and enclosures at the north end of High House Waste.


As previous photo.


Unidentified fungi on cow dung.


Black headed Green-ribbed sedge (Carex binervis) at the northern end of High House Waste .....


Close-up of the flower head.


Tormentil, Potentilla erecta.


Bronze age sofa, found in an area of swaled gorse. Furniture by DFS - Dartmoor's Finest Stonemasons or Land of Stone?


Sofa-shaped rock, again.


Lichen - Usnea flammea?


As previous photo, festooning the old sessile oak tree (Quercus robur).


Bluebell, Hyacinthoides non-scripta.


General view into the oak wood .....


As previous photo.


Upturned Dor Beetle (or Dung Beetle) - Geotropes stercorarius, note the blue sheen.


Dor Beetle (or Dung Beetle) - Geotropes stercorarius.


Lichen, possibly Hypotrachina (Parmelia) laevigita, identified by the U-shaped notches in the square ends of the lobes.


Marsh violet - Viola palustris, growing in the bog at the south end of High House Waste.


Moss - Sphagnum papillosum ? Forming low hummocks in the bog.


Hare's-tail Cotton-grass (Eriophorum vaginatum).


Round-leaved Sundew - Drosera rotundifolia.


Deergrass (a sedge), (Trichophorum cespitosum).


Walk details

MAP: Blue = Route of the walk.

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The walk was accessed via Cornwood and Rook Lane, with very limited verge-side parking at East Rook Gate.


Distance - approx. 4.8 km / 3.0 miles



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