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This walk: 2014-7-6. Burrator Discovery Centre opening day.

The photographs below are presented in the order in which they were taken, except for the first one.

Contrary to normal Dartmoor CAM practice, there are no regular captions, maps or routes, just a journey in photographs.

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Click HERE to see a 160MB, 17-minute video of the process - if you download feature movies then this should be no problem, e.g. 1:45 minutes to download on e.g. normal BT Broadband, and another minute for the Media Player to start for the first time.

The split comes at 16:37 minutes!

Click HERE to see a smaller, poorer resolution, 64 MB version (45 seconds to download e.g. on BT Broadband) - this is best seen as a small image.























































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