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This walk: 2015-7-16. A repeat of 8th July but with a slightly longer walk at Foggintor e.g. down into Eva's farm and later into and through foggintor Quarry.

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Looking down on Henry Eva's Farm from Big Tip.


Remains of a privie on Big Tip .....


Showing the proximity of the privie to Hill Cottages.


Part of the Smithy at the 2nd (nearer to King Tor Halt) quarry entrance.


A crane base ......


Another view.


General view of a dry part of the quarry.


As previous photograph.


As previous photograph, with a structure in the foreground.


The end of the lake .....


View to the quarry entrance near Hill Cottages .....


Zoomed view from a different position. 


Just looking.


Rock face going into water.


The lake, looking at the entrance near Hill Cottages.


Pony on the old railway terminus land with a device to keep flies off?


The same again.



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