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World War 2 plane crash on Peek Hill

Addendum, added 26 November 2019


At 2.30 am on 19th May 1941, a Junkers 88A bomber struck the ridge to the west of the summit of Peek Hill.

It had flown from Lannion airfield in Brittany, over the west end of Cornwall, to bomb a convoy 120 miles north-west of Ireland. This was the first operational mission for the crew after converting from Dornier Do 172 bombers. They were returning to brittany and were off course.

The bomber was part of Küstenfliegergruppe 606 (Coastal Aircraft Group or Marine Patrol Group). This was made up of three squadrons, each with twelve aircraft. On this operation the entire group was involved.

The slight impact with the top of the hill apparently tore off both propellers and the plane crashed at Lower Lowery, close to the edge of the reservoir, killing all the crew:

Unteroffizer Paul Nowacki (pilot)

Oberleutnent Günther Hitschfeld (navigator)

Unteroffizer Hans Knor (flight engineer)

Unteroffizer Joachim Kasten (radio operator)

The men were all buried in Sheepstor cemetery with wooden crosses marking their graves until their remains were recovered and reburied at the German Military Cemetery at Cannock Chase in 1963.


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Kustenfliegergruppe 606 / Kampfgruppe 606 - KGr. 606 code: 7T+

The aircraft's code was 7T+AH.

Küstenfliegergruppe 606 / Kampfgruppe 606

Coast Aviation Group 606 / Combat Group 606


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