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Longstone Blowing House, Burrator Reservoir


The location of the Longstone blowing house was deduced from the information below.

Its existence was first encountered through these two Historic Environment Records .....

Devon & Dartmoor HER - MDV3378 - Blowing mill at Longstone, Burrator Reservoir - SX 560 688
Crazing mill stone once found. Somewhere near today's half-buried mouldstone. Did have a leat - any sign of it now?  
"Before the reservoir was constructed the leat which formerly supplied the blowing house was clearly traceable. A mill stone from a crazing mill was found on the foreshore near the mould stone on the south bank of the reservoir"

Devon & Dartmoor HER - MDV20822 - Site of blowing house at Longstone, Burrator Reservoir - SX 560 687
"Very ruined rectangular structure beneath top water level of reservoir but exposed in drought conditions. Possibly the site from which mouldstone was removed in 1928" 

The grid references are to within 100 metres.


Longstone on the Sheepstor Parish Tithe Map (1840/1841?)
Image by permission of Devon County Council


The Sheepstor Tithe Map shows a lane passing Longstone and terminating just short of a small building, the blowing house? This is unusual because other tithe maps for neighbouring parishes do not show mining buildings, they were drawn for tithing or taxation purposes for landowners and churches.  The building is in Plot 7 which is called "Pits" in the Tithe Apportionments, one several "Pits" (meaning miners' pits perhaps?). Note the field shapes south of the building for comparison with the following maps .....



Crown copyright 2018  Ordnance Survey Licence number 100047373


The 1886 6-inch OS Single Sheet map shows the ground in Plot 7 at the end of the lane to be open wooded ground. The building is not shown in the 1886 map but its position can be closely estimated.



Crown copyright 2018  Ordnance Survey Licence number 100047373


This third map is from the continuous overlay system where locations can be derived in several formats: the most helpful is Lat/Long in degrees, minutes and seconds - 50 30' 04" and 4 01' 55".


Crown copyright 2018  Ordnance Survey Licence number 100047373
Also, Copyright 2005, Memory-Map Europe, with permission.


50 30' 04" and 4 01' 55" transposes in Memory Map to SX 55993 68786, just 13 metres north of the more prominent mould stone(?) or bearing stone sticking out of the mud at SX 55994 68773 .....


Two stones of interest protruding from the mud (lower, left area). The rectangular outline (water-filled) of the believed blowing house is seen towards the right edge of the photograph, out by the water. The slightly raised "causeway" running from left to right, passing by the far side of the outline, may have been associated with the leat mentioned in the first HER record above. 


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